Donna Dobie


I grew up in Wabamun and discovered my passion for figure skating at the age of seven. I have great memories of training, testing, competing, and participating in the club’s Carnivals. Dedication and persistence paved the way to doing well in the competitive world and consequently led to the opportunity of skating at the Royal Glenora. It is there that I had the privilege of being taught by Christy Ness. 


While at the Royal Glenora I enjoyed training with Kristy Yamaguchi, Kurt Browning, Michael Slipchuk, Lisa Sergeant and Jamie Sale; Jamie and I also had the opportunity to compete against each other. I enjoyed the excitement and camaraderie of training and competing with my peers.


In later years my attention was diverted from figure skating and it wasn’t until my youngest girl took it up that my passion was reawakened. At that time it was natural to begin on the path to becoming a coach. Since then some of my students have had significant achievements such as successfully completing Gold tests, participating in both Sectional and Provincial levels, as well as a student who competed in the U.S. Nationals.  

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