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The StarSkate program is an extension of the StarGroup program and is for skaters that have developed the figure skating skills to practice independently.  StarSkate provides a gradual introduction to performing elements and programs in a non-competitive environment.  It also provides feedback for each element and program component (Merit, Bronze, Silver, Gold).  STAR 1 to 5 fits into the Learn-to-Train level of Skate Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development Model. Each stage of this national program emphasizes key skills such as turns, stroking, jumps, spins, and different aspects of performance that have been designated by figure skating experts as necessary for development and progression in our sport.


Skaters in the StarSkate Program have generally reached levels that require individualized instruction.  Private or semi-private lessons, where possible, are booked with the coaching staff and are not part of the Program Costs.

  STARSkate skaters are assessed through the nationally standardized testing system for achieving figure skating skills in the five disciplines as recognized by Skate Canada – Free Skate, Ice Dance, Skating Skills, Synchronized Skating and Artistic. All STAR 1-5 assessments, can generally be completed on your skater’s regular ice by their qualified coach. Star 6-Gold test days are planned months in advance and take place on ice that is not part of your skater’s regular schedule, generally travel is required. Testing Fees are not covered in the Program Costs.


Sharpened, good quality Figure Skates

Warm clothing that allows freedom of movement


Program is offered 3 days per week

Monday &Tuesday, Tuesday & Thursday, or all 3 Days


4:45 - 7:15 pm

Tuesday & Thursday

4:45 - 6:45 pm

Option to skate 2 or all 3 days

September 10, 2024 - March 20, 2025

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